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Frugal Crafting 104

Welcome to Winter Camp 2017
Cardmaking Tutorial
Frugal Crafting 104

This year, I wanted to continue with the idea of Frugal Crafting. I had a fun time looking at budget-saving tips, using everyday items found in your home for last year's camp tutorials.

Here are last year's Frugal Crafting posts:

Rethinking what you have in your supplies and use them in different ways.

We all have purchased a punch, or two or three....  and only can use it to make one item.

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Get your thinking cap on, Ladies!

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How are we going to make flowers out of these punches?

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Supplies needed:

1. Cardstock or paper scraps
2. Fast drying liquid adhesive or mini glue dots
3. Scor-tape or tape runner/ATG
4. Tweezers ( to aid in assembly )
5. Scissors

Punch out numerous Bird Wings

Punch out numerous Tree Limbs

Punch out numerous Owls
( Save those mini circles and hearts that get punched out )

You will need your favorite liquid fast drying adhesive and tweezers. Liquid or mini glue dots will work best for this project. Tape runners/ATG might be hard to manuever on the small punchies.

Viola! Lots of mini flowers!!

Assemble your flowers and stems. I used scor-stape to adhere the stems on the back of the flowers.

The flowers are ready for your Easter/Mother's Day pages and cards!!

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

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  1. Tulips are my favorite flowers. You are so creative.....I am going to check out your other tutorials


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