Monday, December 12, 2016

How I feel......


Your birthday shouldn't start out so bad. Flat tire first thing, but your day has to get better.

I turned 50 today.

I don't look too bad for 50, right?

Today is my birthday......

How my day started at 7:15AM......

Started my day out well. Completely flat tire. We had our roof replaced last week. Guess whose tire found a loose nail in the yard? Moi!
My hubby said to take his car. AAA just came to the house to change the tire.... after two hours calling them.
I have two doctor appointments this morning. As well as dropping off our son at college... final exams in his culinary classes.
I got him dropped off after getting caught up in two traffic accident back ups.
Checked in at my first doctor appointment.... neurologist for my migraines.
Going to the tire place when I get home this afternoon.
AND it's my birthday.
It only can get better, right?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Green Tomato Salsa

With all of our green tomatoes we had to harvest before the hard freeze in November, we made green tomato salsa!

We gave jars to my dad, two sisters and brother.

Whoa! It is so good!!!!

I survived one of my summer classes. I forgot that summer classes are compressed studies. Three and half months of study comp...