Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Zucchini and Cucumbers Pickles.....

We have really enjoyed our zucchini and cucumbers from our garden this year.

Between making zucchini lasagna, Hungarian cucumber salad and having them in fresh salads, we decided to make pickles with them since early June. We will have plenty for the winter months to enjoy them, too. Really easy to make!!

The one thing that I have noticed about fresh cucumbers and zucchini, there is no bitter taste to the skin or the vegetable "meat" like you have with grocery store ones. Since they pick them early before they are ripe and rush ripen them with gas.

Fresh is always good!

Happy Independence Day!!!!

With the heat and humidity the last few days, we haven't been able to do much outside. The humidity is here to stay for the remainder of the summer.

We had rain through the long holiday weekend. On July 4th, our neighbors put on a little show of aerial fireworks. The perks of living in the boonies.

We splurged on buying rib eye steaks to grill. We sauteed fresh zucchini and yellow squash from our garden,


They were sooooooo good.

Nothing beats a baked potato ( loaded with butter, sour cream and cheddar cheese ) to go with a charcoal grilled steak!! Drooling here....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Anyone remember these?

I guess I am dating myself.

I found these going through an old box yesterday, It was something that you did each year at the end of the school year. You got people to sign your book. Now, elementary and junior high schools have yearbooks. We didn't have yearbooks until high school.

The Acteens one is from a church organization. I am Baptist. We had GA's and Acteens for young girls/teens. I attended GA and Acteens Camps from the time I was 5 yrs old to 13 years old each summer. When we moved from Delaware to NC ( 13 yrs old ), I never attended Acteens Camp anymore. Lots of fun memories made each summer.

I looked through the black one. It brought back lots of memories. We were moving to NC. Lots of notes and addresses from classmates in Junior High.

I wonder if the addresses are still good. I am sure their parents are still there, but classmates moved away.

I survived one of my summer classes. I forgot that summer classes are compressed studies. Three and half months of study comp...