Sunday, June 12, 2016

Melts my heart still.......

We picked up our son from college ( culinary school program ) on Thursday. I love the fact that he still falls asleep so easily in the backseat, It took the prerequisite classes in the fall and spring semesters. Summer classes is when he actually got to start culinary school.

He was excited to start school in May. It may have only had a week or so off from spring semester but that was fine with him.

We have been wowed by his creations and dishes in Baking 101 and Cooking 101. These are class time and lab time every day.

Tomorrow and Wednesday in Baking 101, he makes puffed pastry with creme and Wednesday he makes old fashioned apple and cherry pies and coconut creme pie. He gets bring them home for a small fee. They sell all of their items they make bake sales ( raise money for selected students to go to Paris for three months in the fall each year ). One of our son's goals.

Tuesday and Thursday in Cooking 101, he makes soups and some other dishes. They get to eat their meals they make in class.

Culinary School is exhausting.

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