Friday, April 8, 2016

Fresh strawberries are here!!!


I ride by our local farmer's stand everyday on the way to work. I saw that their flag " We are open " was flying. They have been closed since November. I stopped in to see what they had to sell.

We had been watching their fields that their strawberries were growing fast with the warm weather we have had in March already.

Fresh picked strawberries were on their display stands. Yum!

I picked up 8 buckets of them on Wednesday, April 6.

Guess what we are doing this weekend? Preparing strawberries to make jam and preserves.

This winter, we ate the last of the strawberry jam we put up two years ago. We missed the strawberry season last year with our son's high school graduation festivities.

We have to collect all of our empty jars, sanitize them before we can start the canning process. That is what we will be doing tonight.

Lots to do this weekend!!!

Living in the country and driving with the windows down, you can SMELL the fresh strawberries in the fields!!! Smells soooooo good!

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