Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wine Cork Technique

For those that drink, you may leftover wine corks laying around. A great way to add polka dots or circle embellishment backgrounds to cards and scrapbook pages. You can also use the "dot " for your "i's" and "j's" in titles, too. The ideas for circles are endless. Again, you can use ink or paint.

I have found the actual cork stoppers give better textures on the cardstock. The silicone/plastic ones are okay, but I like the rustic look the corks give.

Note: the cork will stain. If you rinse/clean the cork immediately, the staining will be minimal.

As you can see, the cork is slightly stained.

This cardstock is textured. I sanded it to lessen the darkness of the cork stamped images.

I also did a card front in teal.

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