Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wall Mesh Technique

Fiberglass wall board repair mesh is in your house if you have done wallpapering or re-painted any walls....usually. It is fairly inexpensive product found at the local hardware store.

It is self-adhesive and sticks to almost anything. It is repositionable too. 

There was a scrapbooking company that was called Magic Mesh. They sold this mesh in loads of colors. Great for borders, titles, etc.

Let's use this mesh for making new backgrounds. You will need a brayer for this technique.

Disassemble your brayer so you can wrap the mesh around the roller. I did this technique in two different ways. 

1) I only covered the center of the roller, Inked and rolled it on the paper.
2) I covered the entire roller, Inked and rolled it on the paper.

I got two totally different backgrounds.

Wrap only the center of the roller.

You get the mesh look and a grungy look on both sides.

Wrapped the entire roller with the mesh,

You get a speckled look. Click on the photo to enlarge to see better detail.

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