Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rubber Eraser Technique

Anyone remember what a pencil looks like? Raise your hand if you do. It's that round cylinder wooden object that has teeth marks in it. Breaks really easy when you are mad. Carol Burnette's secretary character always had one or two in her hair.

Go grab that pencil. An unused pencil eraser works best. Do not use a white eraser. It is too soft and will absorb more ink than it will stamp. Red rubber ones are best.Pencil erasers come in different sizes, too. Remember those jumbo pencils we used in elementary school?

The stamping you do with the rubber eraser are again endless. You can stamp shapes, make polka dots, butterfly trails, ladybug heads. You get the idea.

The eraser cleans very easily with a damp paper towel or rag.

Ink or paint can be used for this technique. Dab the eraser lightly on the ink pad/paint and stamp.

I freehand stamped the heart with the eraser.

Having the imperfect heart shape makes it look more handmade.

I added white eraser images in between the brown ones.

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