Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bubble Wrap Technique

The first item I will demonstrate is using bubble wrap. We all have had in our house at some point, Hold on to it next time. The possibilities are endless for its uses on cardstock. With all of the colored inks and paints, you can get several different looks.

I am using white ink for this tutorial.

Make sure you bubble wrap is flat and has no folds/wrinkles before inking.

I am using a brayer to ink the bubble wrap. If you are using paint, you could use a brush or a brayer.

The inked brayer.

The inked bubble wrap

Lay the inked bubble wrap over the cardstock and press firmly down to cover the area you want inked with the bubble wrap. Repeat the process until you have the desired effect. ( Resist popping the bubble wrap! ) I had to pop at least one bubble. lol


I did two cards. Note: make sure you use a craft mat or surface that will not be stained or damaged by the ink or paint. Rubbing alcohol removes the ink from the craft mat. I accidentally got it on our finished wooden table. Alcohol got it off without ruining the table.

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