Monday, February 15, 2016

Brush Spritz Technique

Now, I {know} everyone has one of these in their homes. Toothbrushes.

What to do with those old toothbrushes? I never throw out the worn out toothbrushes. For me, I use them for extra detail scrubbing for the stove top, around the bathroom fixtures, and even for baked on food on dishes. My husband uses them all of the time out in his workshop. 

That got me thinking about using the toothbrush for a background technique. It came to me while I was showering. Duh? Spritzing ink!

The supplies you will need:

  • old toothbrush
  • inkers or paint
  • small container or paper plate
  • craft mat or old newspaper
  • disposal gloves

Place the cardstock you want to spritz on top of a craft mat or old newspaper. Please note that the ink/paint you spritz with the toothbrush bristles will go all over the place. Believe me, I am speaking from experience. Be prepared for it going everywhere.

Oh yeah, Wear gloves. Otherwise your fingers will look like mine. 

The results with the ink/pain varies depending if you spritz far away vs close up to the cardstock.

I even spritzed a doliy.
 Have some fun!

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