Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wooded heart covered with a paper napkin

I bought 2 different shaped wooden hearts ( 3 in both shapes ) to make my Valentine Day cards to my sweeties ( see below's post ).

I had saved a Valentine themed paper napkin from the scrapbook crop that I went to earlier in the month to use a scrapbook page for Valentine's Day layout. But, then an idea struck me to use it to cover the wooden hearts.

I used Alene's tacky tacky glue to ensure that the napkin would adhere and not come off. I applied the glue with a foam brush.

After the napkin was glued to the wooden heart, the foam brush was still wet with the glue. I coated each of the hearts with shimmering fine glitter. I shook off what glitter that did not adhere.

My hubby was really pleased how I did it. He would have never guessed it was a paper napkin. It looks like I bought the hearts like that. Kudos to me. :)

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