Monday, March 24, 2014

Card Challenges...

I have a card website.

I have a customer who needs cards with no embellishments ( no glitter, ribbon, wire, 3D elements, etc ) for various reasons. It really has made me "think out of the box".

It has been good because we depends on all the frillies and extras to make a card special.

I made one card for him already.

Now, I have made two more!!

Below are the next two.

The customer wanted the sentiment added on the inside left.

The Little things in Life Make Us Happy....

My workplace had a contest. Find all the words in a St. Patrick's Day wordsearch that they had attached to the email. I did it for fun.

I have entered my work's contests so many times and have never won. I entered it thinking " I am not going to win. You can't win if you don't enter, Linda. "

Well, they drew my name on St. Patrick's Day!!!

I could not believe it!!

It was for a gift card to a local Irish Pub.

It is how I was presented the gift card that made it all worth it. It was attached to box of Lucky Charms cereal. I have not had that cereal since I was a kid!!

It made my day!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My "view" of Walden Woods.....

With the bad snow/ice storm of 02-12-2014 that took me 6 1/2 hours to get home that should have only taken me 1 hour on a normal day, I took a lot of photos along the way. Why not? I had nothing else to do, but wait and sit in traffic. Enjoy the scenery and have photos to scrapbook later on. Traffic was at a stand still for minutes/hour at a time.

I captured this one scene near dusk through the woods. With all of the stress of driving and trying to get home to my husband and son, the view seem to calm me. I knew I still had a long way to go home but the woods gave me some peace.

Spring for a few days...

We have a warm days and then COLD days. It was warm enough for our daffodils to come up and bloom. I had to hurry and cut them. This was on March 2. The next day, we had an ice storm come through.

We had spring inside while it was bitter cold and icy outside.

Our wintery days....

The last few weeks we have had our share of ice/sleet days. Nothing like what the people in the nothern and midwestern states are enduring. I captured these one morning two or three weeks at my workplace.

Yes, that is my driver's side melting and re-freezing. Never cleared up by the time I got to work.

I captured the water drainage pipe from the roof. Water frozen in the air from the cold.

As I was stuck in traffic, I captured the morning sun over the car in front of me. No photoshop on the photo to add this sunburst ( I don't even know how to do anything in photoshop ). That is ice! not snow on my car's hood.

I am so ready for spring!!

Wooded heart covered with a paper napkin

I bought 2 different shaped wooden hearts ( 3 in both shapes ) to make my Valentine Day cards to my sweeties ( see below's post ).

I had saved a Valentine themed paper napkin from the scrapbook crop that I went to earlier in the month to use a scrapbook page for Valentine's Day layout. But, then an idea struck me to use it to cover the wooden hearts.

I used Alene's tacky tacky glue to ensure that the napkin would adhere and not come off. I applied the glue with a foam brush.

After the napkin was glued to the wooden heart, the foam brush was still wet with the glue. I coated each of the hearts with shimmering fine glitter. I shook off what glitter that did not adhere.

My hubby was really pleased how I did it. He would have never guessed it was a paper napkin. It looks like I bought the hearts like that. Kudos to me. :)

Valentine Day cards 2014

Our son's card from us

Close up ( added glitter to heart while the glue was still sticky )

My card to my hubby

Added glitter to heart while the glue was sticky

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