Sunday, September 22, 2013

New stove.....

Since we had to buy me a new car ( see our anniversary post ), we were able to see my old car on Craig's list in an hour!!! Five people emailed. Can you believe it? It was like it was meant to be sold.

So, we used that money to buy a much needed new stove. We had been looking for a couple of months for a new stove because our old stove was leaking gas but we couldn't find where it was coming from. My dh changing the connectors where the gas connected to the stove and incoming gas, but that did not help.

Well, after waiting two weeks for our new stove. It came Friday. Best Buy hauled the old one away and Don installed the new.

Guess what? No gas smell. YEAH!!!!

This stove is so nice to cook with already!!!!

More leveling.....

Leveling the stove some more.

Leveling the stove.

The stove top. All burners...

I love this shot....Making sure the broiler works. 

The old gas stove. 16 years old...

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