Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The cloud is lifting......

My neurologist appt went really well.

I responded well with the increase in the Topomax in just 3 weeks time. So.......he is cutting back one of my medications that I have been on since 2006!!! Yeah!

And cutting out caffeine has made a {huge} difference in my migraines. I still get them, but nothing like I was get them. If that makes sense. My triggers like patient perfumes and colognes do not send my head into a migraine like they used to. I still have to be careful.

What a difference my head feels. Like a cloud has been lifted off my head.

I still have a long way to go..........


  1. I am so glad that this new dr can help you Linda. That is so funny about the caffeine- one of my migraine meds has caffeine in it!

  2. Topamax has helped me for the past 5 years. I, too, have gone caffeine free. I did that before the migraines got really bad. I also notice that when my allergies get really bad, the migraines will increase. The neurologist actually sent me to the rheumotologist and he helped me the Fibromyalgia which one of the symptoms is migraines.

    I am also being very careful about foods. I noticed an increase in activity in the past two weeks when we had fast food. We usually stay away from it, but found Wendi's pretzel burgers. They are now out of the diet. I only had 2 burgers over a two week period!! That tells you a lot. I did not eat any fries, but did have some iced tea.

  3. As a sufferer of migraines, I am so happy to hear that things are getting better - every tiny step to being migraine-free is fantastic news!

    Now all you have to do is get a photo of "happy, smiling, migraine-free" you....and keep THAT as a reminder that life does get better.

    Hugs to you Linda - such fantastic news!



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