Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have not gone into hiding......

Work has been a slammer to say the least.

After my new neurologist visit on the 23rd ( on National Hot Dog Day my last blog post ), things have been a whirlwind.

I went to see a NEW neurologist for my long long history og migraines. My last neurologist basically had given up and told me to "deal" with it. My dh said that she isn't the only neurologist in town. With 2 teaching medical universities in the area, we have other options!!

Soooooo, I did some research. I went back to investigate the neurologist that I thought about seeing a few years when I needed to see a neurologist when my GYN could not help me with my migraines AND a severe reaction to one of the migraine medications.

It took 2 months to get into to see him!!! He is the only one in the practice.

It was so worth the wait. The paperwork for his office took 1 1/2 hours to fill out!! He wants THAT much history of your migraines and medications you have tried.

About halfway through my appointment with him, he said " I think I can help you. I am so glad you came to see me. ". What doctor says that to patient nowadays?

He asked me when was the last time I did not have a migraine or a headache. I could not tell him. I have so many triggers. I broke down and cried in his office, too. It felt so good to have that relief that FINALLY someone was LISTENING to ME!!

The first step for me is to go NO CAFFEINE. Boy......that was a hard one. Major caffeine withdrawal migraine that lasted 4 long days and sick as a dog. One of the worst migraines I have had.

He has increased one of my daily meds, too.

I go back on August 13.

We will see what is next!!!

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