Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They were lost, but now they are found.....

My hubby found numerous "lost" photos from 1998 - 2006 on our computer hard drives. We had an old computer that had crashed the day after Christmas back in 2006. We could never figured out what was wrong. The motherboard was fine. Don took it apart yesterday and found the problem. A $15 microchip that is about 3 generations old to replace, but is still available.

At least, he was able to recover the hard drives and the data on them. Not like we need the emails, etc on them now. BUT I want those photos!! Thank goodness for a savvy computer hubby. He is going to burn all of the photos onto a DVD.

A scrapbooker's nightmare has been relieved after all of these years. It will be neat to see all of these digital photos that we have not seen in YEARS!!

All thanks to my hubby!

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