Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Survived the 1st day....

The first day at the new office........the longest day. The hours and minutes seems to last longer than normal. I thought that lunchtime would never come. Then, my 30 minutes away flew by! How does that happen?!

I got to work at 7:23AM, but did not leave until 6:00PM. A very long day for sure. Mentally draining because of learning new applications in our new xray equipment.

I took some photos before clinics started today. The colors of the office are really pretty. There are 4 waiting areas/lobbies. They mirror in looks of each other. These are on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor waiting room(s) look like this, too. I just did not take any photos. I only worked on the first floor. Next time I am back there and I am on the 2nd floor, hopefully I can take photos then.

This is one of the nursing areas just outside of one of xray rooms I was working in yesterday. 

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