Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy National Hot Dog Day ...July 23

We went to Sonics. They were selling hot dogs for $1 a piece. Great time to celebrate with my dh and son.

Between the three of us, 8 hot dogs were consumed. I only ate 2. Boy, they were good!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden tour...

This is from the first garden tour of one of the lady's at our church:

 These are the from the second garden tour from another lady's garden from our church:

After the tours, we got to make our own fresh flower bouquet to take home:

My grandparents 1940's...

My maternal grandparents in the early 1940's. I have "love letters/poems" that my maternal grandfather wrote to my grandmother.  I never knew that he was so a writer of love. :)

Asheboro Zoo 2003

I love that I captured this shot. I stayed behind so I could get this photo. This is when we still used film. I was tickled when we got our photos back from the developers.

Joseph in his overalls. He loved those overalls. He wore those until he outgrew them. I wondered what he was he thinking about when I took this photo at the zoo.

I can still hear his laughter and giggles from watching the otter in the tank. Joseph watched him for the longest time.

Joseph and I posing. One of the few poses that I have of myself in front of the camera.

When our son was 2 yrs old..

Enjoying some of my "lost" photos....

He loved to watched the washing machine go swish and swish until I had to close the lid for it continue to cycle. It would not spin with the lid open. Yes, those are rubber pants he has on. Training pants: going through toilet training. :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They were lost, but now they are found.....

My hubby found numerous "lost" photos from 1998 - 2006 on our computer hard drives. We had an old computer that had crashed the day after Christmas back in 2006. We could never figured out what was wrong. The motherboard was fine. Don took it apart yesterday and found the problem. A $15 microchip that is about 3 generations old to replace, but is still available.

At least, he was able to recover the hard drives and the data on them. Not like we need the emails, etc on them now. BUT I want those photos!! Thank goodness for a savvy computer hubby. He is going to burn all of the photos onto a DVD.

A scrapbooker's nightmare has been relieved after all of these years. It will be neat to see all of these digital photos that we have not seen in YEARS!!

All thanks to my hubby!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Survived the 1st day....

The first day at the new office........the longest day. The hours and minutes seems to last longer than normal. I thought that lunchtime would never come. Then, my 30 minutes away flew by! How does that happen?!

I got to work at 7:23AM, but did not leave until 6:00PM. A very long day for sure. Mentally draining because of learning new applications in our new xray equipment.

I took some photos before clinics started today. The colors of the office are really pretty. There are 4 waiting areas/lobbies. They mirror in looks of each other. These are on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor waiting room(s) look like this, too. I just did not take any photos. I only worked on the first floor. Next time I am back there and I am on the 2nd floor, hopefully I can take photos then.

This is one of the nursing areas just outside of one of xray rooms I was working in yesterday. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating healthier.....

My hubby has high blood pressure ( caught by the eye doctor!! ) We have trying to eat healthier and lower our sodium intake as well. Really liking our salads we having now.....

Moving day....

For the last several months, our department had several training sessions on Friday mornings before work for 3 months. All preparing our department for new changes in our department when we move our main office into its "new" building. Our main office has been in its original building since 1959!! Goes to show {how} old that building is....

Well....moving day was this past Friday.

The changes have begun. More training begins today!!

Work rotations will change as well. No more comfort zone. Just hope with new office that everyone will be open and positive to the changes. The main office commute for me ( and new location or old office is an hour commute drive ONE WAY...that is with NO traffic ). The satellite office I work at is only about 25 minutes away from my house. I don't ever look forward to working at the main office because of the drive time.

Ready for the movers.....

Old office, ready for the movers....

In the new office, unpacking.....
Our new office!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Found a new embellishment to try...

Saw this is in AC Moore. But you can buy it on-line, too!!

Flower Soft Sprinkles

Happy 4th of July!!

Enjoy your 4th of July!!!

The cards I made: colored the stamped images ( The Angel Company ) with BIC markers. I highlighted the star the glitter stardust pen.

The subway art is from CK. Their free downloadable for this month. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our son's 16th birthday cake.....

Joseph wanted an orange flavored cake. Imagine those creamsicle push-up ice creams that you used to get off the ice cream truck on those hot summer days as a kid. THAT is the flavor he wanted AND got in this cake. My dh made this cake! Boy was it {good}, too. :)

I survived one of my summer classes. I forgot that summer classes are compressed studies. Three and half months of study comp...