Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer College Classes have started

My summer college classes started this week.

I am taking one radiology class and one general. I only have two core radiology classes left for my BSRS degree. But I have 8 general classes left.

My general class is Appreciation of Theatre. I have 31 quizzes to take. It is self-paced. It is more involved than my radiology class for sure.

My radiology class only has 7 quizzes, self-paced as well.

Juggling working full-time and taking classes. You have to multi task.

My full-time job is very detailed and my work duties have increased since April to say the least. Summer session is going to be interesting.

Watermelon Season, Babe!

It's hot and humid out.

Excuse me.

It's sultry. ( If you are old like me, you know what movie that is from. A classic! )

A cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer evening...... and it's only early June.

Pizza kind of day

Nothing beats homemade pizza.

Homemade sauce.

Made from scratch crust.

Domino's and Papa Johns ain't got nothing on the Matthews pizza.  

The Gamekeeper Part 1

Don and Joe and sweet tea. 

I had a delicious glass of white wine.

The menu changes with the season.

The waiter told us that throughout the year the menu will have alligator and rattlesnake, too.

Tonight, elk, emu, quail, and rabbit were on the menu.

A restaurant with a view

We were in the NC Mountains for Mother's Day 2018. We were on vacation celebrating Joe graduating college and taking one last family vacation before he leaves for the USCG.

The Gamekeeper.

Off the main road.


Thinking we missed a turn.

We had no phone service. Which wasn't new because for most of the vacation we didn't have wi-fi or cell phone service due to the mountains. And the Garmin had no connection. We kept driving. We finally had phone connection briefly. I looked up Google Maps quickly before we lost phone connection again. We were on the right road.

We almost missed the turn into the restaurant.

The valet parked our truck.

The next two hours was heavenly to say the least.

Bucket list check off.

Searching for a new mixer

When you do a lot cooking and baking, you wear out a lot mixers. This makes the third mixer we have gone through since Don and I have been married. 25 years in August.

All Kitchen Aids.

We decided on the Professional Mixer. It arrived several weeks ago. Oh my! We are so pleased with it. We have several batches of bread dough, pizza dough, cookies and cakes.

It's a winner in our book.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Valentine Cookies

Valentine sweets for my guys!

From a local bakery.

The cookies are very large.

Nothing like buying local and homemade.

Birthday Girl

Birthday card

Colored with copics and watercolored with inks

Sequins and Swarvoski crystals

Unity Stamp Company stamps

Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch

Rib-eye roast with carrots, onions and potatoes

Fresh homemade bread

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Earth's Crust

This Project Life layout showed up in my newsfeed from a few years ago. I love how I can use many mini photos on a layout to tell the story.

Scrapbooking.... that is what it is all about. Telling a story.

Our son was in middle school at the time. He had to do a project on the Earth's crust. It was fun constructing it with him. Trying to figure out what food items could make the different layers of the Earth and mixing up the food colors to be realistic for different sections of the Earth's crust.

Pulled Pork

Our dinner yesterday.

The pulled pork is from my husband who smoked a pork butt a few weeks ago. We froze it into dinner portioned vacuum pack bags. It is nice to grab it from the freezer already ready.

The rolls are made by our son who is in Culinary Arts School. Unbelievably good hamburger rolls. Nothing beats fresh made artisan breads and rolls.

We are a little spoiled with our son's culinary dishes and artisan breads he made the last two years. He graduates this May.

Summer College Classes have started

My summer college classes started this week. I am taking one radiology class and one general. I only have two core radiology clas...